During the Brave 30th Anniversary gala, we will watch Lee Zimmerman create live visual art as he paints aerially, with the help of Vertical Endeavors, a 30-foot length of vertical silk. The painting will touch on six themes and then be divided into panels. Renowned quilter Karen McTavish will then quilt these panels into six art quilts.

This online auction is your opportunity to bid on one of these amazing and unique pieces. Click on the themes below for more information and to make your bid for the quilt. 

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“This theme will try to touch that space between flying and falling. The images will take their inspiration from the cathedral ceiling paintings in Italy. Falling as if the floor of the world has disintegrated and only disaster awaits in the future. Flying because some invisible hands elevate one to see hope in the future.”

“Often we present to the world an image that is very different from our honest feelings. This can be even more distorted in the case of domestic abuse. This image will try to capture the dichotomy.”

“We cannot examine the world of domestic abuse without realizing that nearly all of the physical abuse is perpetrated by men. The images in this theme draw their inspiration from the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. The Minotaur represents the power-seeking responses of the abuser. In order to become a true man and a leader, Theseus must conquer these baser impulses.”

“Sometimes people think that the world is much like a game of king of the hill--where one must push down all the other players to win. This can be the view of an abuser in the domestic environment. Yet, if you look at life as a game of king of the hill, you will eventually be a very lonely king.”

Dreams - This quilt will not be auctioned; it will be on permanent display at DAIP after the event.
“Dreams are where our hopes are born. The images from this theme come from the Native American dream catcher and reflects the most powerful symbol of DAIP--the circle of equality.”

“Achilles was a Greek hero, who was almost immortal. He had only one weakness. In a similar way, when a baby is born, they represent our own mortality--a weakness in our armor.”

Bidding is now open so if you are interested in owning a quilt please start bidding now.  You can enter your bid at the highest amount you are willing to pay.  We will increase your bid by increments only as much as necessary to maintain your position as the highest bidder, up to the amount of your maximum bid.  Increases will be made in $25 increments.